report By Heath Brown

You know how ready-ripped jeans give an impression of being an age-old wardrobe favourite; or how shabby-chic furniture looks cool in certain period homes? Then you’ll understand the latest trend at LFW for opulent ‘ready-worn ready-to-wear’. It’s a look of faded glamour that gives the impression that you have a seasoned style of your own and have no need to go to the bother of buying a brand-spanking-new designer outfit.

The irony, of course, is that these looks are brand new – just ready-ruined for your sartorial pleasure. For examples look to Erdem, who frayed his vintage-feel Hollywood-starlet gowns with a faded elegance; Simone Rocha, who dishevelled her sumptuous frocks with an almost regal nonchalance, and Christopher Kane, who proclaimed, in reference to his collection, that “dead and thrown-away beauty often looks better”.

“It’s quite aristocratic, too,” says Claudia Croft, Fashion Editor of The Sunday Times. “Like living in a stately home with a leaking roof.”

And almost as expensive to maintain, to boot.

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