A hole new look

Saturday 21 February 2015


Report by Jessica Diner

Look closely at the ear lobes of editors and you are bound to see one thing – a multitude of delicate adornments. A trend from across the pond that’s been brewing for some seasons now, it came to a head in London at the launch of jewellery site Boticca. With a piercer from Metal Morphosis there on the night, even the most conservative of editors took the plunge – the tally of piercings reached 60. But it’s the placement that takes it up a notch; eschew the lobe and opt to decorate the rook, tragus or conch instead. Spearheading the trend stateside is J Colby Smith from NY Adorned, the man who has pierced more models and editors than any other. “Fashion culture has catapulted piercing to another level,” he explains. “Having refined jewellery thoughtfully placed on various parts of the anatomy is a no-brainer – more holes to wear more beautiful things.”

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