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Tuesday 19 February 2013



While we’re not averse to straddling the voguish content/commerce divide (the majority of The Daily’s team now earns its sourdough crust by creating content for fashion e-tailers as well as dear old Fleet Street), the ravenous beast that is the omni-channel, multi-platform virtual world isn’t totally without its pitfalls come feeding time for the hapless content creator (writer, as was). “The medium is the message,” as clever-clogs philosopher Marshall McLuhan declared, precipitously in 1964 – and not always to the brand/content’s benefit. Beware the following:

Twitter: great for spreading the news about a notable show; can be a virtual pub, full of taxi drivers pontificating about, well, everything.
Instagram: makes a work of art out of any product snap, but can trap us into over-sharing: like going to Auntie Mabel’s to look at holiday slides, every single day, 24/7.
The Vine: six seconds of genius gif; however, can be an upmarket You’ve Been Framed.
Facebook: where to start? You might as well leave your lockable diary open in front of a CCTV camera.
And what of all these watch-now, watch-the-making-of, buy-now videos available as the show happens? Is it all too much? It’s come to a point where almost every designer button and zip has its own movie trailer, webpage and PR contact.

As we saw on Coco Chanel’s blog, which she retweeted from Mies van der Rohe, who saw it on Robert Browning’s Facebook, sometimes “less is more”.

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