One-to-one with Marcus Dawes

Wednesday 19 September 2012



London Fashion Week proudly presents a back-of-the-Mercedes interview with photographer extraordinaire at The Daily, Marcus Dawes.

AC: What do you look for in a street style subject?

MD: Something that catches the eye. Nothing necessarily outrageous – just nice, stylish looking people.

AC: Do you take street style photographs outside of fashion week?

MD: Not really. Personally, I’m more interested in the people than the fashion. But for our work here, fashion is key and it goes beyond who the person is.

AC: Do you have a favourite fashion week character?

MD: I like Olivia Palermo. She’s groovy and always looks nice.

AC: How do you feel about the emergence of blog photographers?

MD: It’s great! The more people who enjoy photography the better. Obviously there’s an etiquette at fashion week but most people adhere to that. It’s brilliant that people enjoy photography and fashion, and the great thing about blogging is that it’s opened up areas people weren’t able to see before. Now everyone can experience fashion week and enjoy the excitement of the clothes and drama.

AC: When did you catch the photography bug?

MD: It’s something I’ve been into since childhood – my Dad used to be a keen photographer and there was never a shortage of cameras. I then got properly into it at school and was encouraged to do both photography and art but found I had a more confident ability with photography.

AC: Could you imagine doing anything else?

MD: I’d like to be an explorer. I’m hoping in the near future I can get on my bicycle and go on a big tour of Britain. I’d also love to travel through America.

AC: Would you say photography is like exploring, as you are always looking for something….

MD: Yeah, I would definitely take my camera and it would definitely be part of an adventurous photographic undertaking.

AC: How would you best describe London style?

MD: It’s eclectic, open, encouraging and exciting, and London Fashion Week is the pinnacle of all that.

AC: Would you say that London influences your photography?

MD: To be honest I grew up in the countryside and I don’t know if, in my heart, I am a city person. Part of me yearns for something more rural.

AC: You’ve photographed everyone from Anna Wintour to Prince William, is there one image you are most proud of?

MD: One of my recent favourites is a picture of Prince Harry at the Epsom Derby last year wearing a top hat. He looks pretty awesome.

AC: What makes Mercedes such a fabulous car?

MD: During Fashion Week it’s the only place you can relax – a cocoon of peace between shows.

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