Beauty Moment - Roksanda Ilincic (Hair)

Wednesday 19 September 2012



Styling technique took centre stage today as the Charles Worthington team, led by Art Team Director Marc Trinder, showcased the Underbraid backstage at Roksanda Ilincic.

“Roksanda wanted to bring a relaxed, slightly boho feel to the SS13 girl with a look that made fine hair young and fresh for the new season,” said Marc. “The key to this look was the underbraiding which helped to get rid of excess weight in some of the girls with thicker hair. This created a more uniform look for all the girls.”

Braiding the underneath section at the back, he wound it in an ‘S’ shape and pinned it flat against the head in a professional technique designed to create the illusion of having finer hair. The rest of the hair was laid over the top to conceal the braid then prepped with Charles Worthington Front Row Turn Up The Volume Blow Dry Spray.

A twist of small sections using the fingers beneath the heat of the blowdryer created a loose, undone texture before every model’s hair was parted on the left, swept to the right and allowed to drape over the eye. The hair was then tucked behind one ear, hung over the shoulders and given a final misting of Front Row Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray to complete the line up of technical tricks behind this un-done but chic style.

To recreate the look, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 Take a section of hair from the underneath and braid from ear to ear pinning in a circular motion to reduce thickness

STEP 2  Grab vertical sections and spray mid lengths with Front Row Turn Up The Volume Blow Dry Spray (RRP £6.12)

STEP 3 Twisting the mid lengths, apply gentle heat to each twist whilst keeping the ends straight

STEP 4 Spray Front Row Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray (RRP £6.12) into fingertips and then massage into roots

STEP 5 With your fingers, pull the hair back and let it fall forward into a natural side parting just over one eye

STEP 6 Tuck behind the ear or use a pin to hold in place allowing strands to come forward

STEP 7 Finish with a little more Front Row Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray (RRP £6.12) warmed in the hands and stroke through the ends to separate

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