Beauty Mole - Erdem (Hair)

Tuesday 18 September 2012



The Glazed Low Bun

“Erdem’s collection had a distinctive 1950s couture feel. Silhouettes were draped and sculptured with some fabrics incorporating bespoke embroidery in beautiful neon colours” says Trinder.  ”This slick, wet-look style with low twisted bun provided balance to an ultra feminine collection: slightly toughened up by a clean side parting, with hair tightly scraped back and clean”.

“The key to this look when twisting into a bun is to use a small hair elastic half way down the ponytail, flipping the ends back on themselves and then twisting into a bun shape.  That way, the hair length is reduced (especially for girls with thicker hair) and it’s easier to get a nice, compact bun.”

To create this look, start with freshly washed hair. Apply throughout the hair new Charles Worthington Miracle Repair Elixir Oil (RRP £14.99) from the Front Row High Gloss Serum  (RRP £6.12). Massage through with fingertips.

Using a pin tail comb, draw a deep parting from the highest point of the left eyebrow straight back to the crown.

Use a hair dryer with a nozzle and flat brush to smooth the hair flat around the head, concentrating on the flyaways around the hairline.  Once dry, sweep the hair into a low ponytail and secure centrally at the nape of the neck. Use elastic rather than a hair band to get as much tension as possible. Cut off the excess.

Take a wand or tong and divide the pony into three or four sections to create a bend throughout the mid lengths and ends, all in the same direction. This will assist in creating a polished bun shape.

Then use lashings of Front Row Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray (RRP £6.12) to coat the ends of the ponytail and brush through with a flat brush. So you now have one section all in the same direction.  Put more shine spray in your hands and wrap in an anti-clockwise motion to build on your bun shape and secure with hair grips discretely by gripping underneath sections around the perimeter of the bun.

To finish the look, apply Front Row Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray (RRP £6.12) to a blusher brush to glaze the surface and control flyaways and enhance shine.

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