Thank you Tanya Ling!

Monday 17 September 2012



As a memento of her second season working with The Daily, the lovely Tanya Ling has created these illustrations of Co Editors Cat Callender (left) and Marion Jones (right).

Tanya Ling is the incredibly talented artist behind The Daily’s Live Catwalk Illustrations. Each morning she joins the team here in The Daily’s offices where she unpacks her pots & brushes from a paint-splattered wooden box, and with her workstation already prepared she heads to a show. Ten minutes of new fashion and a quick taxi ride later, Tanya is back in the office ready to whisk up a selection of magnificent illustrations.

In between swirling paints around paper plate palettes and streaking colours across her paper canvas, Tanya happily joins in with chats about weddings, families and fashion. Each painting captures the mood, colours and silhouettes of the featured designer’s latest collection. Tanya’s only complaint is the time she spends, quite literally, waiting for paint to dry!

Working with Tanya has been a real treat for The Daily team. Only one illustration makes it into every issue, but we are lucky enough to see three or four every morning. Co Editors Cat and Marion and Art Director Nicola make the final selection, although everyone else in the team has a personal favourite too!

As today is Tanya’s final day with us for SS13, we would like to say a huge, heartfelt thank you, not only for the stunning Live Catwalk Illustrations but also for brightening our mornings with fun sweaters, funky shoes and an infectious smile!

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