How not to twit tweet

Wednesday 22 February 2012


Report by emily fleuriot

Stop. Before you tweet that XXX, ask yourself: are you ready to share that love in the real world? When you find yourself frow with your new BFF (Best Fashion Friend) later today, how will your gushy air-kiss tweet translate IRL (In the Real World)?

It’s a conundrum chic tweeters face as they congregate catwalk-side, iPhone clutched in manicured hands. It seems that the hyper-social Twittersphere is becoming both virtual desk and aftershow party, creating 24/7 multichannel opportunities for a fashion faux pas.

No one wants to find themselves sharing the awkward hug or, worse, snub moment that follows 140-character over-sharing or spur-of-the-moment sniping. As internet daters know, TMI (Too Much Information) shared online backfires when you meet face-to-face.

So hold that thought before you tweet. Consider good old-fashioned manners, or at the very least, as Steven Rojas, of NYC fashpack hangouts Soho Grand and Tribeca Grand, exhorts, “Think about your personal brand etiquette.” Are you a diva or a doyenne?

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