Anya’s sweet debut show

Wednesday 22 February 2012


Report by Julia Robson

For a magical moment, we were transported back to childhood, peering in Christmas shop windows at toys that light up and play tunes.

Anya Hindmarch, we love you. Her British show debut, entitled All I’ve ever wanted, was just that. It was Busby Berkeley with bags (and not a model in sight).

Art director Michael Howells (Nanny McPhee, Dior) created an old Ealing Comedy-style factory set – a winding production line beset with whirring machines bringing Anya’s bags to life (via Adam Wright’s animatronics). Purses opened like Muppet mouths; and bags, in old-fashioned cabinets, were worked by white-gloved magicians’ fingers.

Inspiration came from “a favourite noisy toy my kids have, which lights up and wraps presents,” said the designer, who appeared riding a bicycle (in mid-air) just before the final confetti cannon exploded in time with the Funny Girl soundtrack finale.

Bags will be boxed like toys for Christmas. That’s every fashionista’s present sorted, then?

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