Koma commotion

Tuesday 21 February 2012


photography by shaniqwa jarvis
interview by yasmin coke and niamh connolly

London Fashion Week The Daily proudly presents a back-of-the-Mercedes interview with designer, David Koma.

YC: Congratulations on receiving the BFC NEWGEN sponsorship again this season, what has this meant for you?

DK: It’s the fifth time I’ve received this sponsorship, and every time I feel super happy because without their support I would not be able to achieve all the amazing things that has happened to my brand. I am forever in love with NEWGEN and the whole team – their support is amazing.

YC: What’s the inspiration behind your AW12 collection?

DK: This season we were inspired by Marchesa Luisa Casati portraits and dog racing, with its sports element.

YC: And does that link to the Olympics in any way?

DK: Not really. I love how the greyhound has an elegant and aristocratic look, and the whole energy behind dog racing is great. One of the key elements is twenties menswear with high collars and quite thick shirts.

YC: You like to incorporate interesting fabrics – from metal tubing to fine python skin – into your designs; what exciting materials can we look forward to seeing this season?

DK: The mix of material and textures is very sixties minimalism, with quite twenties arc-deco intricate elements. This season we used a lot of contrasting materials, as we had a lot of technical and industrial materials with neoprene – and even some materials that are not meant for clothing – mixed with silks, jacquard and cashmere. The overall look is quite clean, quite directional.

YS: Was there ever any other profession you wanted to do?

DK: Not really, I always loved art, sculpture and painting. I was very young when I decided I wanted to become a fashion designer, so I don’t really remember anything before that.

YS: What is the best thing about being a fashion designer?

DK: I think meeting a lot of incredibly talented and inspiring people through this profession. I have met so many amazing people, and I am very happy about that.

YS: You are based in London now, but you are from St. Petersburg, do you every draw influences from there?

DK: The beautiful architecture and historical heritage of St. Petersburg influences me, but I couldn’t say there is something particularly direct that influences me.

YC: What is it you love about London and British fashion?

DK: Everything! London is the most creative and free-spirited city; very energetic and inspiring.

YC: And how will you be celebrating once your show is over?

DK: I will probably go to a nice restaurant with my team. And have a lot of sleep.

YC: What is the cheekiest thing you’ve done in the back of a car?

DK: You don’t really want to know … All the cheekiest things that you can do in the back of the car I have done.

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