self portrait with bag by Richard Nicoll
Report by Yasmin Coke

Feeling anxious because your smartphone’s running low on
battery life? If so, you’re officially suffering from nomophobia – the fear of being out of mobile-phone contact (no-mobile-phone-phobia, geddit?).  Richard Nicoll has an elegant cure that he’s unveiling in his presentation this morning: a chic, recharging tote bag (see him sporting it rippingly, above). In this stroke of portable genius, you can now charge your phone on the move, putting paid to any connectivity anxieties and allowing you to continue to use Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in real time, thanks to the bag’s built-in battery pack.

“I’ve always wanted to design a bag range,” says Nicoll of his collaboration with Vodafone – part of its ongoing partnership for A/W 12. “We’ve incorporated technology into design to create something really relevant. It’s an industrial take on office style.”

The aesthetic will also be seen in the A/W 12 RTW collection, which is inspired by Bauhaus, Woody Allen’s 1978 film Interiors, commercial pragmatism and purity. Expect to see Nicoll and his team kitted out in boiler suits in a factory set-up, with models on a static catwalk that is a stylised version of a conveyor belt. “The collection is an optimistic take on industrial workwear. There will be colour, but with lots of grey tones.”

Nicoll’s arm candy will be available to buy later on in the year and comes in white leather. Note: tattoos not included.

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