Tuesday 20 September 2011


Ahhhhh. Deep sigh. It’s an Erdem show. Time to let the stress of the busiest day of London Fashion Week ebb away for 20 minutes of what you just know will be the fashion-show equivalent of the Garden of Eden. Or Looks We Will All (want to) Wear to Cool Weddings Next Summer. As we took our seats at the stunning Savoy ballroom, the Korean woman beside me began to titter. “Why are you laughing?” I asked. “Oh, Erdem is playing China’s biggest pop-star woman!” Sure enough, a dreamy, incomprehensible wailing emanated from backstage, then we were away with an explosion of florals – the openers were a series of stunning blue collages of lace and flower embroidery in trench coat, prim dress and shift dress form. The Erdem dress alphabet, basically. Then Erdem (or Mr Lovely, as I call him) paired a pristine crisp white shirt with a white lace sunray-pleat skirt, and sent out a buttercup-yellow lace dress, and we all sighed again. And smiled.

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