Aurasma: it's a kind of magic

Saturday 17 September 2011


henry holland S/S 12
photography by anna bauer
Report by Julia Robson

There’s a new word that has slipped into the fashion lexicon: Aurasma. Sounds sexy, right? Aurasma is a revolutionary new app that is the next generation of visual-recognition technology. Once you have downloaded Aurasma and set it to camera mode, simply hold your smartphone over a flat photo image and a portal will appear, whirling you Stargate-like into film, web pages, catwalk footage, designer chat – you name it.
This cyber fashion moment is rather poetically called an “aura” (will The Oxford Dictionary add “aurasmatron” or “aurasmic” to its pages, we wonder?). Developed by British software giant Autonomy (currently in the process of being acquired by HP for £7billion), since its birth in June 2011, the app has received two-million hits globally and has already been incorporated into the A/W 12 Dunhill advertising campaign. Where will it go next? Fashion editorial, billboards, sides of buses, make-up – who knows?
Chic digi-geek and founder of Natalie Massenet used Aurasma during the recent Vogue Fashion’s Night Out events in London and New York, turning lifeless shop windows into shopping pages. US Vogue editor Anna Wintour noted the crowds queuing around the block with mobiles and iPads held aloft with particular interest.
Just remember where you saw it first, though (clue: you’re reading it).
Download Aurasma Lite for free, then hold your mobile over any story in LFW The Daily where you see the logo this week to see the future of fashion communication!

Step 1 
 The free Aurasma Lite app from iTunes. Or download here if you’re on Android.

Step 2 
POINT at the LFW logo or anywhere in the LFW Daily newspaper that says it’s been supercharged by Aurasma.

Step 3 
CLICK ‘Yes’ when asked ‘Do you already have an image with this symbol?’

Step 4 
WATCH exclusive London Fashion Week content: designer interviews, catwalk footage and more.

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