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Sunday 20 February 2011

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Cooperative Designs’ Marvellous Macaroons

Mmmmmm, we love Macaroons in The Daily office, so we were very excited when Annalisa of Cooperative Designs baked us a batch of Rose, Apricot and Dark Chocolate ones!

Here’s the recipe, enjoy!


100g icing sugar

60g ground almonds

25g dry flavour (coffee, cocoa powder matcha powder) and/or 2 drops pink food colouring

1tsp rose water

2 egg whites (preferably separated and left in the fridge over night)

60g caster sugar


Heat oven to 170°

Line 3 x baking sheets with grease proof paper, making sure it’s completely flat.

Sieve all of the almonds, icing sugar and dry flavouring into a bowl. In a separate bowlwhisk the egg whites with the caster sugar, food colouring until it forms soft peaks.

Add the rose water and then split into three separate batches. Fold in the dry mixture using a metal spoon.  Take care not to knock the air out of the mixture. The final texture should be smooth and pretty wet, but not runny. Pour the mixture into the piping bag, and carefully pipe the mixture into 2cm circles on the greaseproof paper.  Leave at least a 2 cm distance between Macaroons as they will spread a little. The more round and even you pipe them, the better they will look when cooked.

Leave for around 10 minutes, a thin skin should form on the surface of the macaroons; you can test it lightly with a finger.

When ready bake each batch for 13 minutes on the top shelf of the oven.

Leave to cool for 5 minutes before peeling from the paper.

For the apricot filling:

Simmer a covered saucepan with 250ml orange juice and 200g dried apricots for half an hour.  Allow to cool, then process in a blender until smooth.

For the dark chocolate ganache:

Boil 80ml cream (yum), then pour over a bowl of crumbled dark chocolate (about 60g) and mix with a wooden spoon until smooth and melted.  Allow to cool.

Spread a macaroon with apricot and a macaroon with chocolate then push them together gently.

Now for the difficult part- you have to leave them in the fridge to set for at least one day, preferably two before eating!

The Cooperative Designs presentation is today between 3.3opm-6.30pm, WC2

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