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Tuesday 21 September 2010


Hair whizz Luke Hersheson shares the secrets behind the looks.


The idea was influenced by old Helmut Lang ads and early pics of Kate Moss, and the parting was deliberately not side and not centre, but off-centre – very strict and drawn in with a comb – a bit like when young school boys from the 50s would comb their hair before school. Super simple and very minimal and tres chic!!

Marios Schwab

So we named this haircut after Joan Jett. It is essentially a mullet, but roughed up with powders and then oils to make it really dirty looking. I cut them all a bit differently, some longer and some shorter. They were meant to be a gang of girls, all with the same feeling running through the hair. It was about tough girls here. I know have said ‘tough’ for every show this week, so maybe that’s the same message again.

Felicity Brown

So the idea here was a Parisian woman who throws on a super-extravagant dress, but always knows that that is enough — no big hair or make up here!! It wouldn’t do the dress justice. It had to feel thrown-up and homemade, so a cute Mr Whippy ballerina bun on top with plenty of flyaways, like she has been running through the streets of Paris.

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